House Rules

Beniaskie! - House Rules

The following are important and binding rules for your vacation on Beniaskie! Agroturystyka nad Jeziorem, PL - 14-310 Bieniasze 2 B, so that you have a great time! Thank you for your attention and support!


  • Minimum age of the reserving and present guest: 25 years. Minors: only with parents. Visitors: not allowed.

  • Dog: one / Cottage Apartment. No breeds classified as aggressive and no puppies younger than one year.

  • Not included in the accommodation price:

    • Electricity according to consumption and Energa price list, typically per night: spring & fall PLN 15, summer PLN 10 and winter PLN 30.

    • Sauna: PLN 150 / 2 hrs.

    • Local products and dishes from the Manor House & MiDano.

  • Deposit: PLN 1,000 by bank transfer until check-in.

  • Cancellation before arrival, no-show, or early departure: no right to a refund of the total or partial price of the stay.


  • Check-In: from 3 p.m. (unless otherwise agreed in writing).

  • Privacy and intellectual property rights of third parties must be respected. Drones: not permitted.

  • No partying & other noisy activities. Night rest 8 p.m. - 10 a.m.

  • Access to the Cottage Apartments by car: only at Check-In & -Out.

  • Parking: exclusively in the parking lot and at your own risk - no liability for damage to and / or loss of your vehicles.

  • Any damage / missing equipment or similar in the Cottage Apartment: report by e-mail or SMS up to 1 hour after Check-In.

  • Damage / loss occurring during the stay: report immediately by e-mail or SMS. Own repairs / replacements are not permitted.

  • Emergency: all fuses down (under the stairs), close the gas valve clockwise, turn the main water valve (red lever on the right under the kitchen sink) 45° clockwise.

  • No outdoor shoes indoors - bring slippers / socks!

  • Indoor furniture stays inside. Outdoor furniture stays outside, and in case of rain and at night under the roof.

  • Bring bathroom, beach & sauna towels!

  • Strict waste sorting. Full waste bags immediately in the appropriate waste can at the parking lot or village path (residual waste).

  • Collect dog leftovers immediately and dispose in the residual waste can.

  • Leftover food, tampons, diapers, baby wipes = residual waste. Never in the toilet!

  • Gas stove, BBQ, campfire & fireplace: Operation / use by minors prohibited. Never (!) leave open fire unattended. Campfires only when there is absolutely no wind.

  • Smoking: only on verandas and with closed windows / doors. Always close ashtrays with lids.

  • Fuel materials: fireplace -> beech briquettes /// sauna -> logs /// campfire -> stormwood from the chute /// BBQ -> bring charcoal!

  • Cold (!) ashes: put in the silver metal bucket next to the stormwood chute and close the lid tightly.

  • In frosty weather: do not open the windows in the kitchen / bathroom permanently - water pipes run above them.

  • Dishwasher: only for white porcelain, glasses, cutlery & cooking pots - wash everything else by hand

  • WiFi use: not for TV streaming, YouTube, Netflix & Co. or Online Games.

  • Jetty, boat, SUPs & lake: only for swimmers or with life jacket.

  • SUPs: barefoot or rubber soles. Only launch from the jetty, not from the shore. Return to the barn immediately after use.

  • Boat: barefoot or rubber-soles. Clean / dry inside after use & lock. Return oar blades, anchor weight & bailer to the barn immediately.

  • Sauna: no shoes, food, drink & smoking inside.

  • Hammocks, swings, climbing equipment, ropeway or similar / beach, jetty, boat, SUPs & lake / axe & branch saw / bicycles / forest / meadows / streams etc.: Use at your own risk; we accept no liability whatsoever.


  • Check-Out: by 10 a.m. (unless otherwise agreed in writing)…

  • the following condition: swept clean & tidy, dirty dishes in the dishwasher switched on, and sorted waste (incl. all food leftovers) in the appropriate waste garbage cans at the parking resp. village path (residual waste). No time, no mood? We do it for PLN 200.

  • Refund of deposit: bank transfer on the day of Check-Out minus electricity costs, extras, or any losses / damage.

In the event of non-compliance with the House Rules, the host is entitled to terminate the guest's stay immediately & without compensation.

I have read and understood the Beniaskie! House Rules and accept them by making the payment.