To get to the Beniaskie! jetty, you walk down a winding trail on the slope to the lake. There is a tiny natural beach with sun loungers on the shore - a wonderful place to watch & listen to life in & around the lake.

Your rowing boat is also moored at the jetty, so you can explore the lake and moor up at the Manor House on the other side.

At the end of the jetty, the water depth is at least 2 meters, so you can go in with A****bombe or Köpper :-) You can also start from the jetty with our two SUPs: paddle as you wish, or simply lay on & drift.

The water in the lake is very clean, also thanks to the many mussels that filter the water there and the Beniaskie! creek, which meanders through the meadows and then flows into the lake.

The lake is also inviting in the cooler months of the year >>>